School Introduction
The driving instructor has graduated in BBA; The member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists Hong,Kong, and has taught the driving for more than thirty years,having accumulated a little of had learned from work, study etc., therefore, he not only, can write out the key of learning to drive a motor-car, but also successful tactics of examination to all candidates for the driving test.
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Learning Light goods vehicle Private car(auto)
Each lesson is charged $180 $180
Each lesson is 45minutes 45minutes

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To practice driving; each lesson is charged
(each lesson is 45 minutes, two lessons at least each time)

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Teaching the Part A Written Test,
Supply the Written Test Multiple Choice Exercise, free of charge.
Valid until 31 of  December 2014
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(A) B1 Exit, Prince Edward MTR Station, Kowloon.
(B) A1 Exit, Kowloon Tong MTR Station, Kowloon.

Basic driving skill
Teaching each controller how to use Before moving off, learner-drivers must have already learned, not only the mechanical knowledge,but also,each controller how to use.

You turn the key from the LOCK or ACC to the right for starting the engine, when the engine starts, let it go. On the contrary, if you want to stop the engine,turn the key from ON to ACC or Lock position.

(2)Accelerator Pedal When your right foot press the Accelerator Pedal to increease the speed, On the contrary,when you release it,the motor-car slow down. Concerning how much should you press? According to the needs of the enviroments of the road, uphill, downhill and flat road. Pay attention to,you must gradually press the accelerator pedal and release it also gradually. If you suddenly press or release the Accelerator Pedal, not only the car jumps or jerks, but also the passengers feel uncomfortably.

(3)Footbrake Pedal The footbrake pedal helps to stop the car; controlling the speed while the car is downhill or emergency,e.g. opposite lane has a light goods vehicle suddenly turn right or a taxi come out suddenly from the left exit.

(4)Clutch Pedal Your left foot press the clutch pedal down to the bottom, while the power has been temporarily stopped to transmit from the engine to gear box, therefore, you can change gears or normal stop with no engine stalled. When you release the clutch pedal at the Biting Point which helps to start on the slope; Turnabout in a narrow road or reversing and parking.

(5)Handbrake The handbrake subsidizes the insufficiency of the footbrake. You must pull up the handbrake, after the car has been stopped, particularly start on slope, even more in order to use.

(6)Gear Box The engine produces the horse power and the speed of the car changes, you may choose the First to Fifth gear, one among them is most proper,deal with the needs of different environments of the road, uphill, downhill and flat road, not only it is overworked to reduce the engine, but also the engine produces the biggest horsepower push forward the vehicle to advance.
(A)The First gear is the most powerful, but the speed is the lowest;
(B)The power of the Second gear is less than the First gear, but the speed is fast than the First gear;
(C)The power of reversing gear is more than the First gear, but the speed is less than the First gear;
(D)Neutral gear means the rotation of driving shaft and driven shaft has been separated, therefore, you can start the engine.

(7)Indicator Five seconds ago, you must send out the clear, accurate and in time signal, notify the drivers in front and afterwards.e.g. You send out the left indicator, show that prepares:
(A)Drive away from the lanes on the left;
(B)Turn to the left at the crossing;
(C)Change the lane on the left.
You send out the right indicator, show that prepares:
(A) Drive away from the lane on the right;
(B)Turn to the right at the crossing;
(C)Change the lane on the right.

(8)Steering wheel You must grasp the steering wheel with both hands, the best position is shown with the clock:
(A) Five minutes past nine;
(B)Ten minutes past ten;
(C)The best position is 15 minutes past nine, According the principle of the lever, the faster the speed is, drive it the steadier.
Turn to the left at the crossing, you hope to make full use of the steering, wheel? First, you use the left hand grasp the steering wheel from 58 minutes pull down to 33 minutes, and then, use the right hand grasp the steering wheel from the 28 minutes push up to 3 minutes, repeat the procedure of above- mentioned, until you can pull down to full lock, not only you can make full use of the steering wheel, but also very accurate and quick.
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